Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!

Ladies, you cannot control the lustful thoughts of a man, BUT you can do your part to help protect him from stumbling.  When dressing, please consider the following things:

1.) Are you dressing to frame your face or your body?  An important question... one shows you respect yourself and care about the purity of others... the other could be sending some very wrong signals...

2.) Does your attire draw attention to you and your body or does it fit with the fact that you are a Christian young lady who is concerned chiefly with glorifying Christ and not self?

3.) Think forward to the day when you have children of your own... do want the young women who are around your son to be stumbling blocks to him by the way they dress?  The thoughts you are enticing from young men, would you want your son thinking them about young ladies?  Just a thought...

Men, you obviously cannot control what the ladies around you are wearing.  But please consider these questions for self-examination:  

1.) Are you, for your part, engaging in all out war against the sin of lust?  Are you pleading with God in prayer to lead you in paths of righteousness and not in the ways of the wicked?  

2.) Are you guarding your heart and seeking to honor God with your every action and taking every thought captive, or are you allowing Satan a foothold over you with lusts of the flesh?  Don't buy the lie, straight from Satan himself, that just because "all guys do it" that it's ok... it's not.

3.) Are you preparing yourself for the day you will marry and begin leading your family by loving and demonstrating for them Christ?

4.) Would you want a young man thinking the same lustful thoughts about your daughter that you are catching yourself thinking?

5.) Would you feel comfortable one day explaining to your wife, one day, about the things you thought about others without delay OR would it be better if you were able to be honest that it was a struggle but you loved her enough to fight against it even though you didn't know her at that time?

At the end of the day, both Christian men and Christian women must keep in mind that Christ died to pay for that sin as well as all the others we struggle with.  Purity rings, "Silver Ring Things", abstinence til marriage vows and all the like are no good if they aren't motivated a love for the Savior and a desire to live your life in a Christ-exalting way.  A list of rules and such about it aren't going to fix it, but focusing more and more on understanding that Christ stood in your place and took God's wrath for even that sin will most definitely move a Christian to pursue the mortification of any sin!

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