Monday, April 9, 2012

Pastor's Bookshelf: Grounded in the Gospel by J.I Packer

Grounded in the Gospel is a thorough understanding of the Biblical origins of catechizing believers as a part of the discipleship process.  Like many people, I hear the word "catechize" and automatically associate the practice with the Roman Catholic church.  The reality is that catechizing is really a practice that finds its origins in Scripture.  Through this book Packer, and his co-author Garry A. Parrett, trace out the Biblical roots as well as its historical practice in the early church.

What's great about this book?  What's great is that it is very thorough.  Incredibly thorough.  In fact, if one were to desire to do a study on the roots and Biblical origin of catechizing this work would be one of the only needed resources to give you an in depth look at the subject.  What's not so great about the book?  What's not so great is the same as its strength.  It is VERY thorough.  Because it is packed with so much detail it drags a bit and is difficult to keep your focus (or at least mine).

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it.  Just be sure you have your reading decks cleared for a bit...

Pick it up from Monergism Books.