Monday, May 28, 2012

God's providence, Pastor Scott Rodriguez, Dayna Muldoon, and Ezekiel 23

You have probably already seen the video of Pastor Scott Rodriguez confronting the Word Faith heretic Dayna Muldoon and the non-sense that ensued by her followers afterward.  I hope that you have also taken time to read the previous blog post on this site from Pastor Scott pertaining to why he was compelled to do what he did and say what he said. If not, you it would be helpful for you to read that here first.

Before moving on I might just point out what a few others have already noted.  That is that just prior to Pastor Scott's remarks, Dayna was "prophesying" over him that God had given her this message about him and such.  However, she was visibly shocked when he rebuked her the way that he did.  One has to wonder, if she were truly "prophesying" why didn't she know what he was going to do?  I do believe that is the smell of lies and deception folks.

In the weeks that followed I have kept in contact with Pastor Scott as both our schedules allowed.  He and his family have received several threatening emails, one of which is allegedly from an employee of Mrs. Muldoon's ministry.  Pastor Scott has asked that the email be kept private so as to show a Christ-like love towards this individual and also to protect his family and not provoke unwanted controversy.  Trust me when I say though that I've read the email and it was laden with threats and curse words.

Then, on May 24, I received this email from Pastor Scott pertaining to a sermon he delivered on May 23 and the text for which he was scheduled to preach 6 months prior.

"Last night we addressed our congregation concerning Dayna Muldoon. She's decided to stay here across the street a little longer. We cut some of the instruction unique to our assembly so as not to confuse anyone w/o knowledge. What's interesting is that we teach verse by verse, book by book, and we just happened to be on Ezekiel 23. This was assigned to me 6 months ago - Im amazed at the providence of God"

God's providence never ceases to astound me.  Ask yourself, what is most helpful to aid the teaching of your congregation about the dangers of false teachers and how to handle them than actually confronting one who is in your town and attempting to deceive your own people.  A wolf in your midst attempting to put on a sheep's wool in order to wreak havoc.

God, in His perfect will, ordained that this woman would do just as she is doing.  He allowed it.  He did not cause her to sin, but rather, as Pastor Scott points out so well in the sermon, that false teachers are God's judgment against unrepentant people.

That said, I submit to you the sermon by Pastor Scott on Ezekiel 23.  Enjoy, and keep praying for Pastor Scott, his family, his church and community, and most of all, that God would show His mercy to Dayna Muldoon by granting her repentance so that she would turn from her sin and trust in Jesus Christ.


  1. two things,Ive written 60+ biblical poems & songs,& am in 5 health M.L.Ms,but best give an email please

  2. This is a rather sad attempt by Scott to make a name for himself as some kind of witch hunter. This is NOT a christian approach, in my opinion. Invading another ministers meeting and having others ready to video the disruption that obviously was planned is clearly an underhanded act unworthy of any serious Follower of Christ.

    1. Well, anonymous, you may disagree with what Scott did but have you considered that Paul essentially did the same thing when preaching to the Jews in the Temple? What about when Jesus cleared the Temple? Both times they entered into the religious service of another with an intent to 'disrupt'.

      Second, whether you agree or not does not in any meaningufl way address the content of what he said in the meeting. Let's say he was wrong to do it (which I am not saying that I believe he was) does that alter the truth of what was spoken? nope. Please provide Scripture in context to support your position that it was wrong. Thanks.

  3. I disagree completely with anonymous. How can that confrontation with a fraudulent women be said to manifest Scott is a "witch hunter." It may say more about the woman (posting) than it does him. I wish more pastors that the guts for such biblical confrontation. She was a FALSE prophet, and could never be a pastor of ANY sort (I Tim ) clearly limits pastors to males only.

  4. From CNN :
    Local Pastor Lashes out against women preacher

    Reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition and the time of the Crusaders was the scene on the vacant lot across from Calvary Chapel at 8851 US 19 N in Pinellas Park, FL Sunday Night. The night started in a bright light Yellow tent filled with singing, prayer, testimonies, and praise, but ended like an execution hearing in Seville, Spain in the 1480’s. On trial was Evangelist Dayna Muldoon and her self appointe prosecutor, Pastor Scott Rodriguez of the 5000 member Calvary Chapel. In this case, however, had it not been for the intervention of the persecuted woman evangelist, the other women in the meeting may have eaten the judge alive. During a spiritual service at a community Tent Revival in Pinellas Park, Associate Pastor Scott Rodriguez of Calvary Chapel took the microphone and incited a riot as he began to publicly denounced Evangelist Dayna Muldoon as being a “Heretic” for being a woman minister. After the Evangelist prayed for Pastor Scott and his ministry, he took the microphone, under the guise of support for the meeting and a promise to encourage his church members to stop heckling the meeting, Pastor Scott then did a quick 180 and began to renounce Rev. Muldoon, and told his members who were sitting in the meeting to “fervently pray that those attending would not become deceived by her ‘false doctrine’ and ‘false gospel.’” According to those who attended, “Rev. Muldoon was polite to Pastor Scott, she prayed for him, blessed him and calmly reclaimed the microphone, then asked the disturbed pastor to please leave the meeting, and requested that the upset revival attendees who, now on their feet condemning the rouge pastor and attempting to cast the devil out of him, to please not touch Pastor Scott, but to allow him to peacefully leave the meeting.”

  5. He was out of order. GOD does things decently and in order. He doesn't believe in the prophetic and the enemy sent him yo disrupt the service.

  6. Seems that Ms. Muldoon's prophetic sock puppets (and/or her supporters) are making their presence known in the comments section here.

    I don't have a proverbial dog in this fight; I just saw the video of the event on youtube and found this blog by searching for Ms. Muldoon's name. But I'd like to add my two cents:

    There is a difference between coming to Jesus with childlike Faith, and following men (or - even worse, as such a thing is Scripturally forbidden - women) with childISH credulity, and that distinction has been largely obliterated in large swaths of modern Christendom. What she was doing was *OBVIOUSLY* deceptive and unScriptural. God does not need the assistance of man (or, again, woman) to bolster our faith with whole cloth fabrications conjured up in mortal minds and passed of as some "prophetic utterances," and every visiting Christian in that audience should have felt insulted at what she was doing. The regular participants who are ostensibly well aware of her shtick, on the other hand, have no one to blame but themselves. If there was anything wrong with Pastor Scott's actions - anything at all - it was simply the fact that the way he did it (not as if there was any other way) left the door open for her supporters to focus some pretend culpability on HIM, rather than the person who should be the sole object of every discerning Christian's contempt - her.

    I hope I am not being too uncharitable, here - but can you imagine the kind of reaction this would prompt from, say, the Apostle Paul, were someone to start trying to pawn off their impromptu thoughts as some sort of Divine revelation before a 1st century gathering of Christians? I wouldn't be too surprised if he told them to hand over such a one to Satan.

    The lack of discernment among Christians these days is downright FRIGHTENING!