Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Favorite Gospel Tract

I'm putting together this list to be of assistance to those who are just getting their feet wet in actively going out and sharing the Gospel.  

If you would assist me by doing the following: 

Post your favorite tract and a link to where it can be ordered from.  Please do not just put the source you prefer to get your tract supply from but specifically the tracts that you feel are most likely to be taken by the recipients.

I will send a copy of Mike Sarkissian's book "Before God: The Biblical Doctrine of Prayer" to the person whose favorite tract I purchase for an upcoming evangelism outreach.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pastor's Bookshelf: Slave by John MacArthur

We exist to glorify and serve the Risen King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is not here to serve our needs.  What has been lost from the true rendering of the Greek word 'doulos' as 'slave' instead of what we commonly see it rendered as 'servant'?

John MacArthur delivers yet another powerful literary work to help Christians understand exactly what is expected of them and why Christ used the imagery of a slave/master relationship at the same time the language of Christians being His adopted children.  It would seem that much has been lost, by and large, by forgetting this important relational understanding.

I understand that "slave" carries a horrid meaning in America because of the atrocities committed here in the last 3+ centuries, but the early church seemed to have a right understanding of the Christians call to be a slave of Christ and we need to re-embrace that same meaning and try to get beyond the stigma with the word.

"Like slaves we are to be fully devoted to our Master alone."(P.48)  To deny Christ's Lordship is to declare mutiny against Jesus Himself.  Those who are offended at the designation of themselves, as Christians, as slaves to Christ, should examine themselves to see whether it is the American connotation of the word 'slave' that troubles them or the fact that being Christ's slave demands death to self and a forfeiture of seeking my desires first.

"Those unwilling to give up everything to follow [Christ] are not worthy of Him."(P.80)  If we don't want to submit to Christ, we've never submitted to Him to begin with.

Further, we see the wroth of Christ to be our Master and His trustworthy kindness as such when held against the back drop of our former master that we has from birth.  The most "devastating and degenerating power ever to afflict the human race..." (P.120) sin.

Our slavery to sin was one of a cruel master and our broken will readily submitted to him in complete and intentional opposition to God.  And yet God reached out in grace and sent Christ to save us... rebellious wretches... anyway.  But our blessed relationship to our Redeemer doesn't end with slavery alonie.  Christ has not only purchased us, but through His atonement God has adopted us and made us His child!

Amazing Grace!  Gladly then will I therefore bear the title of "slave" for and to Christ my Lord!