Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Bookshelf: Sammy and His Shepherd by Susan Hunt

If you are a parent who is trying to raise their child to love Jesus then you've no doubt faced the obstacles of communicating deep theological truths to your child in a way that will not only be understandable to them, but in a way that will be meaningful to them as they grow and have an impact on their choices in life.

Meg and I are ALWAYS on the lookout for tools and helps to assist us in communicating the truths of the Gospel to our children.  Recently my friend Brian recommended a couple of books to me that I would like to also recommend to you.  One of those books is "Sammy and His Shepherd" by Susan Hunt.  You can pick it up from or  This is a fantastic book to help your children understand how God cares for His children.  It is the story of Sammy, a sheep with a good Shepherd.  He meets a friend and throughout the story he is explaining to his friend how Christ redeems and loves us even though we do nothing to merit that love.

The whole story is an exposition of truths found in Psalm 23 and written in a way that young children can understand.  At the end of every chapter there is a discussion section that will help you lead your children in a discussion over the symbols in the book as they relate to Biblical truth.  Absolutely fantastic and absolutely something that every family should have on their bookshelf!

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