Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The difference between justice and mercy...

I am so amazed at how, in nearly EVERY realm of life, people mistake mercy and justice.  Justice is what is deserved for a particular act.  That can be positive and negative obviously... Mercy is what is not required to be shown in any given situation.  God is required to show justice.  His own inherent Holiness requires it.  He is never ever obligated to show mercy.  Even in our own human legal system.  We demand that courts bring justice, and we know that they are not obligated to show mercy.  Yet when it is on us that justice is being served, we cry out "That's not fair!" and demand mercy.  But mercy is never ours to demand in any situation.  Justice is what is due for a particular act. 

I am thankful that God showed me mercy for my infinite transgressions against Him, rather than showing me the justice that I so rightly deserved.

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