Friday, April 2, 2010


Many of you have seen my status updates on facebook requesting prayer for my friend Mac.  Mac is a member of my church and a friend.  To give you a brief update, a few weeks ago Mac went in to get a stint put into his heart.  Now, Mac is diabetic and has had heart bypass sugery in the past as well so naturally those two things complicate matters a bit more.

There were complications and they couldn't put the stint in.  They decided that another bypass was necessary.  So Wednesday they took him in for another heart bypass surgery.  It took all day but the surgery was a success and the bypasses all took just fine.  Later than night however Mac began having some trouble breathing and they found that his oxygen levels weren't coming up and staying up as they needed to.  I don't fully understand all the details on that so that's all I can tell you about that. 

They got his oxygen up a little last night but sometime early this morning it got low enough that they had to put him back on a ventilator, his stomach is very swolen, and he's having some kidney troubles...

I spoke with Linda, his wife, a moment ago and she said that his situation is serious but the doctors feel like he's going to come through it just fine.  The main thing is please pray for Mac and Linda.  Mac for healing and Linda for some comfort in that God is Sovereign and has all of this in control.

I am leaving shortly for Wichita Falls to go and see him in the hospital and will try and keep you all updated as time permits.

Feel free to text me if you would like quicker updates... my mobile number is listed on my facebook profile for all those who are on my friends list.

Soli deo Gloria,

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