Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Prayer for Duncanville...

"The noise amongst the dry bones waxed louder and louder; all other talk but about spiritual and eternal things, was soon thrown by; all the conversation, in all companies and upon all occasions, was upon these things only, unless so much as was necessary for people carrying on their ordinary secular business." Jonathan Edwards on the Northampton revival from 1740-1742.

My deepest groaning prayer for Duncanville that God would grant such an awakening here. But it will not happen so long as ministers keep silent the Gospel in their pulpits. Edwards thundered out the Gospel of grace and impressed upon his audience their dire need for repentance and God moved on that region!  God responded by sending a true revival to that and surrounding areas.

We reduce revivals down to something we schedule... something we plan... as if God works on our time table and permissions.  We limit revivals down to one week as if to put God to the test and say 'revive us during this week or we are going back to our lukewarm state!'

How heartbreaking... we must exhaust a great many prayers to the Lord for revival and that begins not with a scheduled week long emphasis, but in the hearts of those who feel they need the least reviving.

A Prayer for Duncanville:

Lord Jesus Christ, from whom comes all who are appointed any authority in this world.

We gather in Your Name and humbly ask that you grant heavenly wisdom in all our discussions and in all our decisions.

Lead us to lay aside self-interest, prejudice, and partial affection so that Your Name is glorified and Your will is sought for our city.

As we pray for the members of this body, its officers, and all who share in its labors, we remember that you have appointed them with their authority and ask that you give them strong leadership and to the people of Duncanville that we receive a peaceable spirit that is willing to be led by those given charge over us.

Give us your peace and refresh us in our weariness, that this may be a day in which much good is done.  For those who are in You, grant them strength and endurance.  For those who reject You we pray you lead them to the foot of the cross for salvation.

Let our every breath honor you now and forever.  In Your Name we pray these things.  Amen.

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