Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pastor's Bookshelf: "Convert: From Adam to Christ" by Emilio Ramos

I have been blessed by the ministry of Pastor Emilio Ramos for many years. When I learned that he was soon to release his very first book I was incredibly excited to once more benefit from the wisdom God has granted him.

I have just completed the book and can say with certainty that my excitement and expectations for the book were not misplaced.  'Convert: From Adam to Christ' is not only an important book for the church it is a great commentary for all those who are passionate about seeing the lost come to know Christ.

Explaining what Scripture has to say about conversion Pastor Ramos begins with the state of every person who has ever been born and that is their lost condition as a descendant of Adam and an inheritor of the sin nature that fell upon man when Adam sinned in the Garden.

It was such a refreshing and thorough look into what Scripture tells us about the lost.  It was also a sobering reminder of who I formerly was before God graciously saved me from my sin and took me from being 'in Adam' to being 'in Christ'.

"Adam radically affects every person around you who does not possess salvation. They are "in Adam".  For this reason we must explore what it means to be "in Adam"." - Emilio Ramos - Convert .19

Why is it that we look to Scripture for understanding in all areas except evangelism.  We have to be sure we have a proper understanding of the doctrine of man in order to best understand self and evangelize the lost.

Through a study on our part with Adam Emilio brings this out masterfully.  This is why I feel this book is so important to the evangelist.  In general, "Convert" will help the Christian understand what Scripture says about our sanctification.  As the Christian learns more of the depths of depravity that we were thrust into by being 'in Adam' we begin to esteem more highly what it means to now be 'in Christ'.

People often ask why Adam was able to sin but in Heaven we won't be.  The reason lies in understanding that being in Adam, the fallen, ensured our fall into sin just like him.  But being in Christ, the sinless One, ensures our eternal security.

Emilio also stresses the importance to a Christian of having sound doctrine and also applying that doctrine.  Focus on doctrine that never leads to obedience is a waste of time and evangelism without sound doctrine is dangerous.

Lastly, Emilio rounds out the discussion by stressing the importance of submission to the authority of the church you are a member of.  There shouldn't be any rogue evangelists out there who are "just goin' it alone".   God has given the local church as a means for discipleship.  Any Christian seeking to obey and follow Christ will find a Bible based church and submit accordingly.

I thoroughly recommend this book.  Pick it up today from .

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

**As with any Christian book, it does not take the place of or redefine Scripture.  Read this book with your Bible open so that you will see that the things it teaches are truths straight from the God's Word.

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