Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pastor's Bookshelf: The World Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips

In an age of Gospel confusion and uncertainty it is becoming more and more important for preachers of the Gospel to not only declare the Gospel, but to define the terms we use in doing so.  What I mean is that as we go about unpacking the Gospel, we need to take time to explain what we mean by "repent", "faith", and these days we must ever be very clear on whom we are referring to when we speak of "Jesus Christ"! 

Dan Phillip's book, The World Tilting Gospel, is that clear presentation.  Quite frankly this may become one of the most important books written on the Gospel in our generation.  Dan exposits every aspect of the Gospel.  From man's dire need for salvation and his state as a dead sinner in need of regeneration to the results of the Gospel of Grace and the ditches we can often fall into on one side or the other.

Start to finish, I loved this book.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars for sure and highly recommend this for any new believer who is beginning their walk with Christ to every Pastor seeking a helpful tool to aid you in discipling people.

What makes Dan's book so amazing is that it is a no holds barred look at what the Bible says about man and the Gospel.  Not Dan's opinions, not Dan's musings, but Biblical facts laid out and explained.  If Dan is able to produce a study guide for this it will make a great small group resource!

Dan is an author and frequent blogger at Pyromaniacs.

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  1. Praise God. Thanks for your kind words, Jason.