Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have been greatly encouraged to see how wide-spread the 180 Movie has become so quickly!  At the time of writing this blog, the online version of the film on YouTube had just over 1.5 million views!  Incredible!

I am thankful for all those who have viewed the film in its entirety.  Even those who have rejected the messages contained within it.  Abortion is an epidemic in this country.  It is an epidemic in this world.  For some reason we turn a blind eye to the intentional genocide of the human race through the practice of abortion.

Of course it is likely that most ignore it because they just don't want to think about the horrors of it.  It's the same reason we turn away from the television commercials about starving and homeless children.  We just don't want to admit to the reality of the horror we allow to go on in our own backyard known as abortion.  Maybe we figure if it is out of sight it is out of mind.

It is no secret how I feel about it.  There have been several posts prior to this one about this issue.

You may feel that you can't do anything on your own to chance things.  But that's not entirely true.  God often works through those the world considers nobodies to accomplish His purpose.  That fact is evidenced by the 1.5 million views and the thousands more than have viewed it as a result of having been handed a DVD copy or shown the movie at a church.

Abortion is murder.  Let me say that again clearly.  Abortion is murder.  It is a vile practice and it is a sad indictment against any community who places such a low value on the sanctity of human life.

Please, my Christian brethren, I'm calling on you to give a voice to the thousands of humans murdered every day in this country in the name of "choice".  Speak out about abortion.  The 180 Movie is a fantastic resource.  Compelling, honest, and easy to spread to others.  Ray and his team don't seek to force anyone to change their mind about abortion, but they do set out to accomplish two things.  1.) Educate people on the reality of abortion by factual evidence and a sobering comparison  2.) to spread the eternal life giving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Both purposes are overwhelmingly accomplished in this film.

Please, spread the word... please view this important documentary.  And do it now!

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  1. Great post and great video. I hope this makes a lasting impact.