Wednesday, October 12, 2011

7 Step formula for making a cult

If you study world religions and their founding it won't be hard to figure out which ones are cults and which ones aren't.  If you look closely, most all of them follow this basic 7 step formula.

Step 1.) Call into question the authority and/or infallibility of the Bible.

Step 2.) Claim to have received a "revelation" or "vision" that corrects the errors of Scripture.

Step 3.) Re-write Scripture to raise the status of man (or even deify man) and reduce the Holiness and Righteousness and Sovereignty of God.  Be sure your "new words" are thought of as NECESSARY to understand the Bible or deny the Bible altogether with a complete separate work.

Step 4.) Remove the need for a Divine Savior in Jesus Christ by making Him a mere example OR remove Him altogether.

Step 5.) Teach that man can do something to save themselves with or without God's help OR that they don't need saving at all.

Step 6.) Tailor your message to tickle the ears of your target audience.

Step 7.) Sit back and watch it grow.

Congratulations, you've got yourself a cult.

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