Monday, October 26, 2009

Cross-Like T-Shirt Design at Penn State University Sparks Controversy

So the latest in anti-Christian whiny-ness is a group of 6 people who are refusing to by an athletic t-shirt because to them it appears to bear the image of the cross on the front.

You can read the hilarious story here...,2933,569665,00.html

Personally when I saw the shirt on the thumbnail before reading the story I didn't think... oh hey there's a cross.... to me it just looked like a normal athletic design... regardless... to all of those whole whopping 6 people who complained I have but two things to say...

A.) stop using American currency.... stop using credit cards... checks... all forms of American currency since it proudly states 'In God We Trust'. If you are truly offended then stop using it... or do your objections have escape clauses to serve your interests...hmmm I wonder

b.) Get a life, its just a shirt...

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