Monday, November 14, 2011

Why All-American Muslim is NOT a helpful show...

Recently TLC decided to start a new reality show, one that is supposed to "push the envelope" further than ever.  The show?  All-American Muslim.  It is a show about one of America's largest Muslim communities located in Dearborn, Michigan.

The show seeks to show all the similarities between Muslims and everyone else.  I would suspect that the idea has been birthed in a post 9/11 world that looks very suspiciously at anyone that even remotely looks like what we think a Muslim looks like...

Now, let me state from the beginning that there is never any excuse for hate towards anyone.  Period.

That said, let's look at this show.  Should we trust what they portray the American Muslim as?

Well, to begin with, they've not chosen the most devout Muslims in the area.  In reality, the show (at least in this first episode) had less to do with Muslim/ American differences and more to do with Arab & American differences.  I have no problems with a person of Arab ethnicity.  Not every Arab is a Muslim.  Muslims, however, are not a ethnic group, they are a religious/political group.  Further, TLC has chosen the more liberal Muslims who are like many of America's backslidden Christians... they follow Islam in name and a few traditional practices.  But they, by their own statements on episode 1 of the show, "don't follow everything in the Qur'an".

And that's really the issue, they don't follow everything in the Qur'an.  (See this previous post for Muslim beliefs).  Now, not every Muslim is a terrorist, that is true.  BUT every good Muslim IS.  Why?  Because every good Muslim is following the teachings of Muhammad who taught terrorism but called it Jihad.  Justified by calling it a "holy war".

A good Muslim is a terrorist (or at least supports it) just like a good Christian is an evangelist who seeks to share the Gospel with everyone they can.

I can see the direction they are headed with this.  They are going to show our similarities and talk about the belief differences that won't raise any eyebrows.  Oh, it might get the NOW gals in a twist over "women's rights" but other than that... no one will say much about most of the cultural differences that will be revealed.

Let me give you an example.  There was a very famous person who loved lamb and rice.  In fact, lamb and rice was one of his favorite meals and he had it at least two times a week.  Now, if you like lamb and rice then this would be a commonality between you and this guy.  Maybe that is enough to say that you are just alike!

Well, this person's name was...... Joseph Stalin.  Still think you have a lot in common with him?  Not so much I would imagine.

The point is not to compare these Muslims to Joseph Stalin, the point is that just because we have some common interests it doesn't mean we share the same belief systems. 

I'm sure I like many things that these folks do.  We probably have similar food tastes, movie tastes, music tastes... etc... but that doesn't address the issue of what Islam teaches.

And furthermore, I must ask, how can we even know if we can believe what they are saying?  One of the integral doctrines of Islam is the doctrine of al-Taqiyya.  Which literally means to conceal one's beliefs.  Not to abandon the beliefs, but to conceal them for the purpose of advancing Islam.

What better way to practice al-Taqiyya than by having a reality show that depicts all Muslims as your average American?  The Muslims who are terrorists are not extremists... they are good Muslims because they are following their holy book.  The ones who aren't supporting terrorism or practicing it themselves are merely backslidden Muslims.

For your consideration, here's a side of Dearborn, Michigan you won't like see on TLC this season.

Here's the reality folks, Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  There are peaceful Muslims it's true, but they aren't peaceful because Islam teaches them to be peaceful, they are peaceful because they aren't devout Muslims.  If a Muslim does not want to be associated with a hate filled religion, they should leave it.  If Islam as a whole wants to be seen as just another world religion and not a terror-bent organization then it should repudiate the Qur'an.  All this show will do is deceive some about what Islam teaches and increase the hate and violence towards Christians and others who try to spread the truth about the deception and hate of Islam.

Regardless, Muslims need Jesus Christ.  Not "Isa", but the Biblical Jesus Christ.  Because, though they've turned their back on Him and worshiped a false God, He offers forgiveness for EVEN the sin of unbelief!

If you are a Muslim and you are reading this page, then please go to

p.s. - this article was posted to the TLC Fan Page for the show, it was on their wall approximately 3 minutes before it was promptly deleted.  So much for being open-minded to all views eh?


  1. Good for TLC for deleting this dreck from their Facebook page. You're clearly a loony tunes bigot - I think I'll report your latest post right now, in fact!

    An American Jew

  2. So let me get this straight, to you the way free speech and open minded-ness works is that people are entitled to their opinion so long as it doesn't disagree with yours in which case then it isn't ok? Got it. Although that really isn't "open minded" is it...

    p.s - To be a biggot you have to be hating on a race. Muslims are not a race of people, they are a political-religious group. The people portrayed in the TV show are Arab, I have no problem with the Arab people whatsoever. In fact, I am not foolish enough to think that all Arabs are Muslim... obviously that is NOT true.

    Thanks for your comments though Kate, feel free to report whatever you like, if you're going to report the facebook post though you'd better do it quick... the defenders, I mean suppressers, of free speech at TLC will soon delete it... wouldn't want the truth to get out on their little charade of a TV show would we?

  3. Thanks Jason for this insightful post. I knew from the beginning that this show was not telling the whole story.

    If you really get to know the "average' Muslim you know that they don't really embrace democracy, and they often have a jaundided view of Christianity. I work with Muslims, and one young woman even questioned if Osama Bin Laden was behind the WTC attacks. They hate Israel, and hate America. They enjoy its freedom, and benefit from the laws,customs, and general liberty of AMerica but spit on it behind closed doors. I've seen it and heard it myself.

    You're right that the TLC show only portrays liberal, westernized Muslims who are inconsistent with the whole of their true faith.