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Rob Bell's new book & Voddie's a bigot?

Well this week has had no shortage of interesting news in the realm of Christendom.  Rob Bell, the emergent Pastor from Grand Rapids, Michigan, released a video promoting his book.  Voddie Baucham spoke at the 2011 National Religious Broadcasters on Saturday and apparently came out as a bigot... Let's begin with Rob Bell.

For starters, I'm really not sure why the conservative circles of evangelical Christianity are so shocked about Rob's book.  The title of the book is "Love Wins: Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived".  The main message of the book, according to reports, is that a loving God would never truly send anyone to Hell.  So in essence, if reports are accurate, Rob is placing himself into the category of a universalist.  A universalist is someone who believes that no matter who you are or what you believe, ultimately you are going to Heaven.  Whether you call on God through the Biblical Christ or not.  Eyebrows raised?  They should be, that folks is another gospel (Gal 1:6-10).  That folks, is heresy.  

As I said, I'm not certain at all why people are shocked, nor do I feel that we have to wait for this book's release to begin warning Christians about the dangers of Rob Bell's teachings.  This teaching of universalism is nothing new.  Rob has long taught this exact same thing at his church and eluded to it through many other writings and the infamous Nooma Videos.

Here is just a small example from Rob's past false teachings. 
From the book Velvet Elvis:
"Heaven is full of forgiven people." // Good statement!
"Hell is full of forgiven people." // WHAT?

"Heaven is full of people God loves, whom Jesus died for." //Biblical Truth
"Hell is full of forgiven people God loves, whom Jesus died for." //WHAT? 

"The difference is how we choose to live, which story we choose to live in, which version of reality we trust. Ours or God’s." 

So there you have it, everyone is forgiven! All you have to do to go to heaven is live in God’s story (whatever that means). This is a gross misrepresentation of the gospel, and must not go unrecognized.  Rob Bell’s theology doesn’t merely come short of the whole gospel. Rather, it twists and distorts the biblical gospel into a strange universalism in which everyone is forgiven, yet not all realize this forgiveness, and therefore spend eternity in hell. Rob Bell is preaching a gospel which is contrary to that of the Bible. If you’re curious as to what the Bible says about such false teaching, check out Galatians 1:6-9.

Paul’s anathema to those who would distort the Gospel was a serious statement. In plain terms, he said, let them be damned to hell for it. In other words, there may be areas inside of Christendom in which we can agree to disagree. Now ultimately there is only one truth on every subject, that’s just logical. But there are things we cannot come to an absolute conclusion about and that’s ok. The Gospel message isn’t one of those areas. Bell is a Universalist, meaning everyone, to him, is going to heaven…

He has recently invited fellow heretics like Phyllis Tickle to come speak at his church and by allowing her to speak and then not refuting the heresy she spewed, he offered her an endorsement..

In one of his latest videos Rob states that “you are the gospel”. Not God is the Gospel, Jesus is the Gospel, but “you” as in you and me are the gospel… that’s just heresy served in a big stinking dish piping hot. That alone is enough to make me tune him out and listen to nothing else he says because anything else he says will be ultimately stained with his view on salvation. **that would be Nooma 15 – You

In reality, the Bible says the Gospel message is that we are sinners, condemned and unclean, and we must repent of those sins and place our trust in Jesus Christ! (Mark 1:15; Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23)

 I am not shocked that Rob Bell's newest book is only more of the same dribble we've come to expect from him.  I am shocked by two things.

1.) I am shocked that we have not yet labeled Bell a heretic.  It is merited folks.  He has crossed the line from erring teacher to apostate teacher to flat out wolf in sheep's clothing.  Of course his mild demeanor and "love love" type of persona will get a discerning Christian who calls him out labeled as mean and cruel or my favorite label "brother basher".  My heart breaks for Rob Bell.  I do not hate the man.  I would rejoice if I heard that today he repented and trusted in Christ.  If he can teach universalism and other bad teachings, then he is obviously not saved.  Call me names if you like, but let's just be honest here.  This is not a small matter, this is a matter over the purity of the Gospel that we are to defend. (Jude 3).

2.) I am shocked (and at the same time not so shocked) that there is more outcry against those speaking out against Bell rather than supporting a call for him to repent. (2 Timothy 4:3)

In other news, Pastor Voddie Baucham spoke at the 2011 National Religious Broadcasters on Saturday where he charged Christian Radio broadcasters to be bold in their stance for the truth.  To not be ashamed to speak the truth and stand on the authority of the Word of God.  One matter, amongst others, in which he spoke of was the homosexual marriage issue.  Many family friendly radio stations, so-called, Christian stations, have tip toed around this issue and took an ambiguous stance rather than a firm one...  

The quote that is being passed around by the LGBT propaganda machine is as follows:

“The reason is the homosexuals have effectively co-opted blackness…to where now, we actually believe gay is the new black and we actually believe homosexual marriage is a civil rights issue,” he explained.  “I’m insulted that people equate not just a sinful behavior but a behavior that’s a special category of sin called abomination with the level of melanin in my skin,” he said.

The straw man argument being used against Pastor Bauchum is that he wants Christian radio broadcasters to "bash" homosexuals.  Which is highly false and completely untrue.  He never called the broadcasters to bash on anyone but merely to proclaim the truth, but we do live in a pluralistic society where "Tolerance*" is printed in bold letters on the banner.  Check the bottom and notice the small print on the banner: "*We expect you to tolerate our views and we will tolerate yours, but only if you agree with us.  If you disagree we will not tolerate it but rather label you and slander you in the media with all sorts of strawmen arguments."

First, making a comparison that "gay is the new black" is insulting and ridiculous to the black ethnicity... Another interesting point to me also is that in the other arena of discussion, over abortion being ...murder and such, the pro-choice pro-murder crowd rather, gets offended when the conservative circles talk about the staggering facts that more "black" babies are killed every year than any other ethnicity. But when that is talked about, they say 'don't bring race into that argument' which 1.) there is only one race and 2.) it isn't bringing up ethnicity, just stating facts.. but now that playing a 'race card' serves their purpose, they can... the old adage 'do as I say and not as I do' seems to be their hidden motto.

That said, I cannot fathom how an issue over marriage rights for homosexuals, which is NOT a civil rights issue but rather a Biblical one, can be anywhere remotely compared to the atrocities of bigotry committed against Black Americans over the years. 

Some have criticized Bauchum, from within Christendom, over his comments.
" My only thought is does any of this rhetoric and discussion about things like this help people find God for the first time? Nope.. The more hate Christians show the more people don't want to be a part of us."

To that I will simply say that one of the first things Jesus did in His ministry was issue the command from God for people to repent and believe. (Mark 1:15). I am a bit confused at your comment so maybe you can help me truly get where you are coming from. How ar...e we supposed to bring a spiritually dead person closer to God? I can't say anything to them to bring them closer to God or prepare their heart for His truth... Only God can do that. I can do what the Bible says however and that is use the Law of God as that schoolmaster to lead us to Christ (Galatians 3:24). Paul said he would have known sin but by the Law (Romans 7:7). So if a lost person is dead in their sin and an enemy of God through wicked works then the only way to bring them to God is by showing them their need for God and what God has done for them in Christ... 

I think the basic message is "Tolerate me, but don't expect me to tolerate you one bit". The real message isn't of tolerance but rather agree with me or else.  *Deep sigh* Pray for Rob Bell, he needs Christ.  Pray for the practicing homosexual...(Romans 9:1-3) they need Jesus too and your sins are no less grievous to God than theirs Christian so don't think yourself more highly than you ought (Romans 12:1-3). 

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