Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just throwing out some thoughts on FBC Dallas and the Grinch Alert website...

I already know that this may irritate some, sorry... nonetheless this is just some thoughts on the subject...

You can find the website referred to here... Grinch Alert

So that I don't misrepresent First Baptist Dallas, you can find the Pastor's interview with Fox 4 below.

With that aside, let me offer up 10 suggestions that perhaps should have been considered before this and now perhaps thoughts on the aftermath and perhaps what should have been done?  These are just my own musings on the issue.

What you do is ultimately your business... but I would just put forth a couple of questions for you to consider. 
1.) Let's say that your website DOES in fact encourage businesses to begin using Merry Christmas as opposed to Happy Holidays... Have you considered that you have then pressured obvious unregenerate people to blaspheme the name of Christ by using it in a false way? 
2.) We, as Christians, are to discern and judge between true and false teachings within the church and within those claiming to be Christian.  We are not to go about making unrighteous, and in this case unnecessary, judgments on the unbelievers short of warning them of the wrath of God to come to them due their sin.
3.) Have you gone about cleaning up the doctrine and shoring up the theology in every aspect of your own ministries?  What about the local "Family Friendly" Christian Radio Stations such as KLTY that consider it acceptable to play secular Christmas songs and commercials for the WB and the like.  Granted, those commercial spots are paid for by those outside companies, but those radio stations have the duty to discern between what should and shouldn't be aired on their station.  Have you considered confronting them in an Ephesians 4:15 way?  Speaking truth in love to them. 
4.) What about these business on the naughty list... has any staff person personally contacted any of them and arranged a time to sit down with them and share the true meaning behind Christmas which would easily lead into a way to share the Gospel with them and perhaps lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?
5.) It doesn't seem that this whole endeavor was thought through too wisely.  All things are permissible... but not all things are profitable.  This seems to be a profitless and fruitless endeavor.
6.) Do I use Merry Christmas personally?  Absolutely.  Should businesses?  It would be nice, but I don't expect much from the "darkness" of this world.  They hate God by default and so I'm not shocked when they display behavior in keeping with that...
7.) How does this accomplish ANYTHING for the Gospel or the glory of God?  Even if they begin using the "proper" phrases... did you really accomplish anything? 
8.) The end result of this is that those business who give to your bullying and change their signage (if any do) you've not changed their hearts, you've soothed the consciences of your church members who are out there indulging in worldly items and coveting everything they see... (as we all do from time to time because we are all sinful)
9.) Shouldn't we be consistent? If you are going to call out businesses using Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas then let's also go and call out businesses that support abortion, that backed Obama, don't expressly hire only Christians, or that serve alcohol, or that put out sinful media products (movies and music and such).  Where does it end?  The commission of the church is not to chiefly attack the peripheral issues of this sin broken world, but rather to attack the heart of all issues with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That though they are sinners bound for God's wrath, their is forgiveness and pardon in Jesus Christ alone! 
10.) Preach the WORD in and out of season... PREACH THE WORD.  Just because a few so-called Christians are willing to give your website and these businesses a pat on the back for this does not equal success or wisdom.

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