Friday, February 19, 2010

The problem with the U.B.U video...

Ok, so watch the video first..

I don't care that the man 'rapping' in this video is Ed Young Jr.  I truly don't.  His issues, of late, with his church and the money and the house is truly no concern of mine and should be no concern of anyone who isn't an active member of that church.  Why do I say that?  Well the main reason is that it seems, at least to this point, that while he may be living in a way we don't necessarily like as far as the extravagance and his house is huge (which isn't in and of itself a sin)... while we may not like those things, he's not done anything illegal.  A few things his church won't be happy with?  Possibly.  But so far as I've heard he's not done anything illegal or defrauded the government on taxes or anything like that at all. 

That said, the issue isn't any of our business.  It would only be minimally the business of the public if he had done something illegal only because it would involve other tax payers. 

The issues between him and his church are just that.  The man who went to the news surely could have found a way to get the news out about the plane and such that wouldn't have involved the local news station.  WFAA is of course going to jump on any story of that nature.  Church related or not.  They eat stuff like that up, but folks... that ain't news.

I am not an Ed Young Jr. fan in any shape form or fashion and I'm fixing to explain why BUT pertaining to his spending and such, let's leave it to his church to discipline him over it and if they don't then they are getting exactly what they want (deserve).  

Now, Ed Young Jr. preaches the gospel of life change, which is no Gospel at all.  (Galatians 1:6-10).  That's why I would never recommend his church or his teachings.  

For him and his ilk (Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, etc) it's all about life change and feeling better about yourself and loving God because you're such an awesome person with a blessed life of health and wealth.  In this video he 'raps' about you being you (UBU).  

I know that his intent is to say, 'Don't try to be someone else, be who you are.'.  And while I wouldn't wholly disagree with that in the sense that I can't be anyone but who I am in the earthly sense.  I would suggest that perhaps a BETTER thing to convey to your congregation is that you need to be as little like you as possible!
I don't want to 'be me'.  Me being me is what got me into a condemned state over my sin.  I want to be as much like Jesus Christ as possible.  I can't even phrase this as saying I want to be as much like Christ as I can be.  Because I can't!  I can't!!  That's the whole point.  We need HIM for righteousness.  We make war with sin (Romans 8) and plead with Him to conform us to Him (Romans 12) so that daily we are walking in obedience (2 John 1:6) so that through Him we fix our eyes on JESUS CHRIST! (Hebrews 12)

That's the issue with much of modern day preaching.  Rather than esteeming and exalting God and showing man his true place as a sinner, it is raising the self-esteem of man.  The self-esteem of man is much like walking on ice. You may seem to be doing fine for a moment or for a season, but eventually your foundation of self will crack and you will fall and perish.  And ice cold water will be the least of your worries...

Repent and trust Jesus Christ and let HIM conform you to HIS will!

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