Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Baptist Dallas' New Campus to cost an estimated $130 million

After you view the FBC Dallas site ( that has been launched specifically for the new facility and you formulate your own opinion please consider this... May I also point you to Luke 16, the story of the unjust steward...

A quote from the Pastor of First Baptist Dallas. "As I look around downtown Dallas, I see spectacular temples of commerce, of culture and of government – many new, some restored to former glory, and all intended to stand for generations. The Kingdom of God needs a home to equal them – a spiritual oasis in the middle of downtown." - Pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress

Excuse me sir but the Kingdom of God HAS a home that is not even close to equal to anything in downtown Dallas or any other place in this world. The Kingdom of God is far superior to anything we can possibly recreate here on earth. Shame on you sir for not looking around Dallas and seeing past the financial facade of the city and seeing millions of lost souls who are in desperate need of a Savior. Repent and begin shepherding your flock better than this... Besides that, a "spiritual oasis"? Forgive me, but what was your church prior? Is it only now that your church will be a place where a sinner can hear of the Savior Jesus Christ or the Chrisitian can come and be discipled and trained and filled and sent forth to fulfill the mandates of the Bible?

Consider what is acceptable uses of the money God has given to us all and consider that we are called to be good stewards of that money. At judgment we will give an account for every idle word we've spoken and can I suggest to you that God will also hold the Christian accountable for every dollar spent.

Does this mean that we enjoy no leisure whatsoever? No. But we do not indulge in leisure either. Having once lived in the DFW area I can personally testify to having seen poverty and need that is on a larger scale than any local media outlet would have you to believe. This new facility will cost an estimated $130 million dollars... No you didn't misread that... that would be $130,000,000!!! If you've done any type of home renovations or construction, you know that it ALWAYS costs more than you estimate too..

That's obscene! How many homeless people could be taken care of? James says in James 1 that pure religion is to tend the orphans and widows... How many of those folks could be cared for. Health care provided.

So many of us are angry with the government for their attempts at universal health care, and I would be the first in line to voice my outrage at those attempts, but what else can we expect the government to do? They are picking up the slack (in a poor fashion I might add) that the church is supposed to take care of! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO CARE FOR THE HURTING! THE DYING! THE POOR! THE HOMELESS! THE ORPHANS!!! Not the government! The reason these government plans colossally fail is because it was never meant to be handled by them.

Yet some churches today are more concerned with top notch facilities and lights and technology. How much more of that money could have been better spent... how many gospel tracts in multiple languages could have been printed with that money, how many Bibles could have been purchased in the native language of various people groups, missionaries provided for, travel paid for a team of disciples to go and train indigenous Christians to study the Word and preach to their neighbors... the endless possibilities of that amount of money are mind boggling... But its ok... because we have a ginormous campus with every worldly comfort you can imagine! *insert thick sarcasm there*

It is a shame to see another example of the lack of stewardship and proper priorities in the American church. A friend of mine told me that there's a church just up the road from him that has three 100 ft. crosses that each cost $1million. Of this story he said "That would be an interesting discussion to listen in on..."Do we support all the missionaries in Africa next year, or do we add cross number three?" May God deliver each one of us from our short-sighted, man-centered distractions!"*1

I have no problem with building a new building or facility as need dictates. That need being growth and that you've exhausted every possible other avenue prior. Consider some churches that are huge churches that, as they grew, moved to multiple services on multiple days just so that they wouldn't have to build a new building and they didn't build a new building until all those services were full and they simply couldn't effectively get it done any other way. And when the need came for them to build a new building, etc, they didn't go overboard with an elaborate showy campus. They built for their needs and nothing more so that they could best steward what God gave them.

This literally makes me sick to my stomach and I pray that God would convict those in charge before a dollar more is spent here that they would rethink this plan...

*1 - Matt Costner

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